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Wedding Chalk Art Signs - Polaroid Station

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Wedding Chalk Art Signs - Please leave your advice and well wishes for the mr and mrs

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Wedding Chalk Art Signs - Love is sweet enjoy a treat

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One of the highlights of my sister’s wedding reception was all of the amazing chalk art signs. All of the chalk art signs that we had made were done by our amazing cousin Trisha.  She is so amazing and knocked out all of these so fast for us.  When we decided that we wanted to have chalk art for the reception all we did was give her the verbiage and she decorated them as she saw fit and they all turned out stunning.  Everyone who came to the Los Angeles and the Denver reception all commented on how beautiful these signs were.  She’s been working a ton and doing beautiful chalk art for tons of events and restaurants in Los Angeles and I’m so proud of her!

The real photographs from the photographer haven’t come in, so these images are ones that were sent to us as they were completed or ones that I snapped quickly.  These pictures don’t do these signs justice, so once the real ones come in I’ll be doing a blog post about the wedding and you can see them when they were all set up.

If you’re looking for someone to do your chalk art for your wedding, event or just for home decor, make sure you hit up my amazing cousin!

Website: Type by Trisha

Instagram: @typebytrish

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