Unisex Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I figured I better start doing some gift guides! The ultimate unisex gift at the top of my list this year would have to be the new touch screen ipod nano. It’s so small and compact and they have the perfect watch accessory to make the ipod complete.

Personally I would never wear the ipod nano as a regular watch for everyday wear, but it’s perfect for going to the gym. I hate wearing my iphone on my arm band while working out because it’s too chunky and heavy, but using the ipod nano with the watch accessory is perfect! It’s light weight, compact, and is perfect for men or women.

Shop These Items:

iPod Nano 8GB $129 16GB $149 Shop Me

TikTok Watchband for ipod nano (Black) $39.95 Shop Me

iWatchz Q Series Watchband for ipod Nano (Pink) $24.95 Shop Me

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