Surprise Quarantine Proposal

Saturday was a Saturday I’ll never forget. My boyfriend pulled off a surprise quarantine proposal! Saturday started off like any regular weekend but it definitely had a surprise ending. That afternoon I got ready for what I thought was church leadership meeting at my Bishop’s house. My mom was scheduled to meet with the Bishop right before me, so I saw her on the way out. My mom said the changes were crazy and nothing would be the same after today. Little did I know that she was in on the whole surprise proposal.

I walked nervously into my Bishop’s living room and sat anxiously. On the screen was a holding page for the “leadership meeting”. After some technical difficulty the training video began but it was not what I had imagined! My boyfriend popped up on screen and I just started to cry. He made a slide show and had videos from my family and closest friends. I ugly cried for 10 minutes straight! At the end he told me to wipe away the tears and walk outside.

When I opened the door I cried even more when I saw my family outside waiting. Don’t worry we kept it under 10 people and it was very intimate. Pila stood in the middle of the cutest heart made of roses with a huge bouquet of roses for me. He got down on one knee and popped the question! Of course I said yes!! This surprise quarantine proposal was so sweet and caught me completely off guard. After it all happened I laughed at how I didn’t really do my makeup, picked a dress I wear a ton and wore sandals since I knew I’d have to take off my shoes inside the house. We all laughed at how clueless I was, but I’m so thankful for such a sweet man and all his hard work on this proposal.

We are so excited to get married and anxious to see what our future holds! Since we’re still in quarantine mode here in Los Angeles, we won’t be setting a wedding date until we see how things shape out. Stay tuned for the proposal video and tons of wedding planning to come.

Watch the full video here: Surprise Quarantine Proposal

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