Starting Fresh

Tia Wong - Long Asian Hair

I did a poll on Instagram and asked if I should cut my hair short or keep it long.  At first it was split almost down the middle but by the end of the poll everyone said I should keep my hair long.  You can see how long my hair was in the before picture.  I typically get my hair cut to my mid back every year in December and by the next year it’s grown back to my butt.  Last year I let it grow a little longer than planned due to working so much and not being able to get to the salon.  I finally got an appointment with my girl Lisa, and she worked her magic.

Tia Wong - Asian Highlights

When you see the after photo, it probably doesn’t look like I cut much off, but next to the before picture you can see how much we cut off.  My hair was actually still very healthy at the bottom, but I was just so tired of always sitting on my hair so it was time to start fresh for the New Year.  I love the end results of the color as well.  I wanted to go more brown versus going lighter, and I’m obsessed with my new hair!

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