Running Time

On Saturday I had no intentions of shopping, but ran into the store with my mom to help her look for new work out shoes and of course I walked out with new shoes myself! My shopping addiction has been tamed for a while, but clearly I lost all self control when I found these adorable running shoes. My justification of course, is that I really did need new running shoes with all the running I’ve been doing lately, and the price was too good to pass up. They are beyond affordable shoes, and defiantly worth the money.

Not only are they a cute white and a peachy/pink color (they say it’s mango…I disagree lol), but they are beyond light weight and comfortable. I really liked them because of the memory foam cushions inside which feel amazing. They are slip-on style shoes, and at first they were really hard to get on, but once your foot is in, they are snug and provide the perfect amount of cushioning. I already took them for a run on Sunday and immediately loved them even more. Also if you’re going to buy these, you’re going to have to buy a size larger than what you normally would take, due to the large cushion insoles. I’m usually a 6.5 but in these Nike’s I had to get a 7.5.

Shop Here: Nike In-Season TR Training Shoe

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