Rachel Parcell Easy Living Wrap Dress

Rachel Parcell Easy Living Wrap Dress

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Rachel Parcell Easy Living Wrap Dress: jojobride | Sandals: Jeffrey Campbell

If you follow me on Instagram then you saw this gorgeous dress on my story last night! I ordered four new dresses and I’m literally obsessed with all of them.  This Rachel Parcell easy living wrap dress is my favorite wrap dress. It’s such a gorgeous color and I love the dreamy sleeves on it. The other dresses I got are from her collection and I cannot wait to wear them! If you wear garments then I would highly suggest a vintage dress slip. I paired this wrap dress with a white dress slip because the neckline is too low for garments and as you walk it does open a little so the dress slip will save you.  This dress would be perfect to wear to a wedding, church or even date night. It’s so cute and I can’t wait to keep finding new places to wear it!

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