Perk Energy – Do Work BCAAs

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I have a new obsession! A friend turned me onto Perk Energy and I can’t get enough. The first product I purchased was their do work BCAAs. I’ve tried different BCAAs in the past and after the first sip I would have to stop because it was too bitter. I’ve never been able to find a BCAAs that tasted good and have multiple full canisters to show for it. When I ordered their raspberry vanilla creme and tropical vanilla creme I was hopeful because so many girls online were raving about them.

I wish I would have filmed me tasting the raspberry vanilla creme for the first time because it would have made for the best commercial! I was shocked that these were BCAAs because they tasted too good. My fiancee was even shocked by my reaction that he asked to try it. My fiancee loved it too and was asking for more. For those who may not know what BCAAs are I made a quick graphic that shows the benefits.

You can order the full size canister or they come in these amazing single pack serving containers. I bought the canister for home and the single servings to throw in my workout bag. They also have other amazing products like their perk energy and perk chill! If you’re curious and don’t want to invest in a full canister they also have sample packs so you can try them out. But trust me, after you try the samples you’ll be ordering the canister! I’ll be doing a post about my other favorite perk products soon!!

Try out their amazing products here: Perk Energy and use my code: TiaWong15 for 15% off your entire order including sample packs!

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