Perfect Little Black Dress

Ever since my blog was taken down last year, I’ve been getting non stop requests to do another little black dress guide….so here you go!

I chose dresses that are perfect for a shopping day out with your girlfriends or a dinner date with the boyfriend. I also made sure to pick some that were dressy as well as casual, and even the casual ones can be dressed up with the perfect pair of pumps. Every girl needs to have an arsenal of little black dresses because they are pretty much appropriate for any occasion, and can be paired with just about anything. Little black dresses never go out of season, and are the perfect go to item when you’re in a rush and can’t find anything to wear.

The one dress from this guide that I actually own is the Fitted Ottoman Pelmet Dress (Second Row, Second Dress). I absolutely love this dress because it’s so simple that you can really go over the top with accessories, and it won’t clash due to the simplicity of the dress. . I’ve worn this dress out on a date and even to a last minute work event.

Holy Tee $260 Shop Me

Black Bengaline Bodycon Dress $68 Shop Me

Black Skater Dress $65 Shop Me

Black Skater Dress $38 Shop Me

Black 1 Shoulder Dress $68 Shop Me

Niaomi Dress £62 Shop Me

Fitted Ottoman Pelmet Dress £30 Shop Me

Cutout neck dress £38 Shop Me

Chiffon Mullet hem Dress £42 Shop Me

Asymmetric cut out dress £36 Shop Me

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