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  1. Marquez Perez

    Yo yo yo Tia!!! This is Marquez Perez remember black in the day in B101 with Nygren hey you have a really stylish blog. I like it!!

    1. Tia_Alese

      Hi Marquez!! Thanks 🙂 Miss that B101 class…hope you’re doing good!

  2. Wayne Claibourn ( Louie Valentino )

    Hi My Name Is Wayne Claibourn Better Known As Louie Valentino . Im An Up Coming Rapper From Vallejo California And Im Very Interested About Being Apart Of Ncredible I Really Wanna Be An Artist On The Label I Feel I Have A Lot Of Good Things To Offer. I Recently Spoke To The Wonderbroz And They Told Me A Little Bit About The Label And Told Me I Need To Get In Contact With Chaz .. But If There Is Any Way You Can Help Me Great If Not Well At Least I Tried . I Just Gradated From Vallejo High School With 4.5 GPA And This Has Been My Dream For Awhile. I Know You Have A Friend Of Mines Gabi Wilson Signed To The Label And From What I Hear An See She Really Enjoys It .. So If You Can Email Me Back And Let Me Know Something That Would Be Great .

  3. zendi

    where can i purchase a brush like the tia alese wong in South africa?

    1. Tia_Alese

      which brush are you referring to?

  4. Holly

    Hi Tia,
    Just checking in to see if you can get your instapost up and going.
    it won’t work if everyone doesn’t get their post up.
    Let me know if you need help with anything.

  5. Kathy Santana

    I wanted to thank you for choosing me in your sweepstakes. I Stent you my email but I haven’t seen any response.

    1. Tia_Alese

      The company MikaRose said they emailed you the gift certificate this morning, if you don’t see it check your spam box, and if you still dont see it let me know so I can follow up with them and get it all sorted out.

  6. Robin Vermot

    Hi Tia!!! Loving your blog. I really love the outfits you put together, and am so inspired by all the countless posts on your blog! So first up – just wanted to say a big thanks for spending the time to keep this blog updated!

    If you don’t mind me asking, it would be helpful to know your height in feet and inches so that I can get an idea of how your outfits might look on my frame? And if you are happy to share it, what sizes do you typically wear? I’m hoping you are something similar to me, but it’s hard to tell just from photos!


    1. Tia_Alese

      Hi Robin! Thanks for the sweet message! I’m 5’4 and typically a small/ medium. I have super broad shoulders so sometimes have to get a medium for my shoulders if the fabric doesn’t give any stretch.

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