New Young Women’s Theme

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What an amazing and uplifting conference weekend! I always enjoy listening to conference and this conference came with many changes. When President Nelson announced that there would be changed made to the youth programs I was intrigued. I am the Young Women’s President in my ward so I was all ears! When President Nelson stated we had to wait until the Women’s session of conference to hear the changes, I waited anxiously. President Nelson said the adjustments are intended to help young men and young women develop their sacred personal potential.

Sister Cordon who made the announcements said, “The First Presidency and the Twelve are united in endorsing these efforts to strengthen our youth.”  Sister Cordon also went on to said, “At the heart of all we do in Young Women is our desire to help you gain unshakable faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ and a sure knowledge of your divine identity as a daughter of God.”

The Young Women’s program in my ward is very small compared to wards like in Utah. A lot of the changes, such as combining classes wasn’t too shocking since we already do that due to the limited number of girls. One of the most shocking and exciting revelations was the new Young Women’s Theme! The new Young Women’s theme has some phrases from the previous theme but the new phrases that have been added focus on personal revelation, ministering, repentance and the temple.

I’ve created the above new theme in a Poster version to print for my Young Women’s room. You can now purchase it on my Etsy shop. If you want a custom color background please message me and I’ll be happy to alter.

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