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Introducing the best new app…Pose!!! It’s the #1 app for style and fashion trends.  I’ve had this app for a while now, but just recently got really involved with it. It’s a fun app that allows you to tag and share outfit posts with your  friends and other fashion obsessed people. This app allows everyone to be a fashion blogger and share their cute outfit ideas without having to maintain a full website. Even if you’re not sharing the actual outfits you’re wearing each day, you can still share items you might find in a store that you absolutely love. This app has become my new addiction and I’m checking it almost as often as I check my twitter…which is A LOT!

I’m also happy to announce that they have asked me to be a “Poser” for the app. “Posers” are a  handpicked group of exceedingly stylish shoppers, and they highlight their latest posts. Thrilled to have been chosen, so make sure to follow me and send me your username so I can follow you guys back. Look forward to seeing some of your poses.

Check out their site here: Pose

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