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I’m so excited to share with you guys a new product that I was introduced to and absolutely love!  I actually received it during Christmas and completely spaced on posting about it due to the holiday chaos.  I got the Christmas Tree scent which was perfect because I’m allergic to real Christmas trees and use an artificial.  As much as I love my artificial tree, I missed the smell of a fresh tree.  I placed my mini moji under my Christmas tree and my entire house smelled so amazing. When my friends would come over they all thought I had a fresh tree!  The smell is refreshing and not over powering. The mini moji is great for your car or other small spaces because it sits just under 3″ tall.
The Air Moji which is pictured above is rechargeable and can be controlled by your smart phone.  When it’s on you can smell it throughout your house and the best part is that it uses the same size pods as the mini.   The Air Moji offers the latest in innovative technology and design.  The scent pod wicks are saturated with custom fragrances. The fragrance and essential oil pods are designed so you don’t ever have to touch the oils of the wick.  Switching fragrances has now become easy and there is no mess involved.  No flame, no wax, no accidents. The AirMoji is rechargeable and lasts over 40 hours which is amazing. Check out the site above and you can see all the amazing products they have!

Mini Moji

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