M·A·C Enchanted Eve Collection

M·A·C Enchanted Eve Collection

I walked into MAC over the weekend and came across their newly released holiday limited edition sets and fell in love. At first I thought I was reading the prices wrong because everything was so affordable. I bought 3 of the sets and am in love! If you don’t need these for your personal collection another great idea is to buy these sets and you can split them up for the perfect stocking stuffers. I also found out that next week they release the second part of their holiday sets and I already preordered them all and can’t wait to get my hands on them!

M·A·C Enchanted Eve Basic Brush Kit

Basic Brush Set $140 value for only $52.50.

M·A·C Enchanted Eve Copper Eye and Lip

Copper Eye and Lip Bag $89 value for only $59.50.

M·A·C Enchanted Eve Nude Eye Bag

Eye Bag (Only plum online) $61 value for only $42.50.

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