Jade Rolling


Jade Rollers: Gingerchi, Akarell  Rose Quarts: Amazon, Mikacare

One of my go to nightly rituals is Jade rolling. As soon as I get out of the shower I grab my Jade roller from my refrigerator and roll my face with a little bit of oil. You can use any oil you currently use, it doesn’t have to be a specific brand. Once I’ve rolled my face out I apply my moisturizer and I’m ready for bed!

To use it, simply apply gentle pressure while rolling the tool from the center of your face in upward and outward motions. Make sure that you are always rolling upwards and outward! The massaging motion is supposed to increase circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system throughout the face.

It has also been said to decrease puffiness and under-eye circles. It even minimize the look of fine lines. They also say that the relaxing properties of using a jade roller could indirectly help breakouts. “It’s possible that the massaging motion of the jade roller can, on some level, stimulate certain hormones and have a relaxing effect on one’s well-being and stress levels, which can, in turn, affect acne.” 

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