Gold Makeup Brush Holder

Gold Makeup Brush Holder

Tia Wong - Gold Makeup Brush Holder

Gold Makeup Brush Holder: Target

Last night I snapchatted my clean makeup brushes and got so many screenshots and questions asking where my gold makeup brush holder was from.  These amazing holders are actually found at Target of all places in their desktop organization section. I personally love stationary and anything for my desk so I’m always cruising that aisle and a couple of years ago I came across these gold holders and immediately thought that they would make the perfect makeup brush holders.  I love them because they have staggered height which makes it perfect for your larger taller brushes but also perfect for some of my smaller travel size brushes that I have. I used to have them organized by the type of brush, eye brushes in one, foundation brushes in one, blush brushes in one and so forth, but my OCD kicked in and the colors being thrown in together made me crazy so now I separate them by the brush collection and color.

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