Find This Outfit-Lauren Conrad Inspired

While responding to blog emails I came across an adorable email from a reader named Stephanie. In her very sweet email she sent a picture of Lauren Conrad and said that she loved this outfit and wanted to know if I could help her find this same outfit but for less.

Well Stephanie, this post is for you!

Not only did I find very affordable alternatives, but I also tried to only find items that were in stores that are normally found in any mall.  This email inspired me to do more, “Find This Outfit” posts, so if you have an outfit you need help finding, email me the image, or put the link to the image in the comment box, and I’ll randomly pick a couple and try to do one or two at least every month!

Shop This Look:

Chinese Laundry (Cognac Leather) $99 Shop Me

H&M Jeans $39.95 Shop Me

H&M Sweater $24.95 Shop Me



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    1. Sara

      LC does have the best outfits! She awyals looks great in everything she wears. I love her hair too… she makes having long hair look easy.

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