Fall Must Have Flats


Fall Must Have Flats: Nordstrom Rack

I was recently in Nordstrom Rack just walking around when I came across the most adorable flats! Surprisingly I don’t own very many flats. I’m either in sneakers or high heels but these flats I fell in love with.  These Fall must have flats are not only adorable but super affordable. The leopard print flats might be my favorite simply for their cute print.  The black and grey pair I bought because they can go with just about anything. The exact same pair of leopard print flats is not sold online but I’d go by your local Nordstrom Rack and see if you can score a pair. I’m now anxious to go pick up a pair of white flats and then I’ll be set.

Not only are these flats super cute, but they are seriously comfortable. I was a little afraid that they might give me blisters, but I’ve had no issues.  I’ve worn each pair all day at work and at an activity and they were super comfortable.

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