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At Home Zoom Mutual

For the over a month I’ve held at home zoom mutual for my youth. One night my young women’s class president texted me and said that she missed having mutual and wondered if we could try having one via zoom. I immediately thought it was such a good idea and was excited to start. The majority of our youth come from families with both Young Women and Young Men and my fiance is the Young Men’s advisor, so we decided to combine for each zoom mutual. At first we went back and forth on ideas and had a hard time figuring out what activities and games would work and what wouldn’t. It was a little rocky at first, with poor connections but we had 12 kids sign on for the first night and at the end of the day they had a blast. After the first zoom mutual I knew we had to continue on. I’ve been posting pictures and video via my Instagram and have been getting tons of DM’s asking me what activities I’ve done and how I made them work. Below are the fun activities I’ve done and how I made them work. We always start mutual with opening exercises like normal and have one youth prepare a spiritual thought. After opening exercises we jump into the fun game or activity. Below are a few to help get you started!

I had each youth text me 10 fun facts about them. Some easy facts that everyone would know and some harder to test their skills.

Example: I have a pet dog names Makai, My favorite sport is basketball etc. There were funny facts and their secret hobbies, places they wanted to serve a mission, dreams and ambitions.

I took everyone’s 10 facts and put them into an excel grid. I would read 10 facts off at a time and the kids would write down their answers. After each round I would give the answers and we would see who won each round. This activity was not only fun and competitive, but we also got to learn more about each of our youth. We did 4 rounds which took about 50 minutes.

This was by far the most fun activity! I created a list of items and one by one I would call them out. The kids had to leave their phone or computer in one location and run to find items and bring them back. The first kid back received two points and each kid would receive one point if they were able to find the item. The kids ran around their houses which got them up and moving and we had tons of laughs along the way. One of the parents sent me a video of her three kids sprinting around in the house trying to find items before the others. It was amazing and made for some great memories. You can purchase my entire at home scavenger hunt document on my etsy page: Our Rising Generation

One of our young men came up with the idea of playing mafia. At first I wasn’t sure how to make this work but I figured it out! To make this work you’d need to have all the youth’s phone numbers. I had one of my counselors and her son be the narrators of the game. She texted all of the young women their roles and he texted all the young men their roles in the game (mafia, nurse, detective, towns people). Once we got our assignments we gave a thumbs up since everyone was muted but the narrators. The narrators would then say open your eyes to the mafia and decide who to kill. They would then start a group chat with the mafia players and they would decide who to kill via text. Once the narrators had the answer the mafia closed their eyes. Then for the nurse and detective they did the same thing, they had them text their answer for who they wanted to save and who they thought were mafia. When everyone woke up we unmuted everyone while the narrators told the story and discussed who they thought were the mafia. The first round took about 30 minutes since some people were getting used to texting their answers but the second round went faster and the kids even asked to stay on past the hour to finish because they were having so much fun.

I taught a quick lesson on obedience and tied it in with a fun game of Simon says. Now I’m not as creative as my fiance so I let him handle the Simon says game. He did Simon says in a scenario format that told a story. Playing with youth is a lot harder than primary kids! They are quick and competitive, but have fun and let the kids act silly!

I hope this helps all of you youth leaders! I’ll do a part two soon with the other games we’ve played!

Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower

Over the weekend I threw a bridal shower for my little sister!

One of the sweet ladies in our ward who was also Cassidy’s leader growing up, opened up her beautiful home and helped me throw the shower.  I spent a couple of weeks on Pintrest searching for cute ideas.  I ended up going with a taco bar since Cassidy loves her some tacos! I also did an adorable DIY lemonade bar and forgot to get a picture of the condiment station I also put out later with fresh fruit. One of our favorite things is also popcorn, so a popcorn bar as the party favor was a must have. I quickly snapped a few pictures before people came and sadly didn’t take any pictures of the dessert bar since I was too busy running around.

I snapped and instagram storied a few pictures from the shower and got a ton of comments and questions about the frames and the signs.  I actually designed all of the signs myself and just purchased gold frames to make them look nice.  If you’re throwing a bridal shower or party, I’ve also linked some of the items that I purchased incase you were wondering where you could find them.  Bridal Shower Lemonade Bar

Bridal Shower Lemonade Bar

Lemonade Bar

Taco Bar

Popcorn BAr

Date Night Jar

Gift Table

Large Popcorn JarsSimilar Beverage Dispenser, Popcorn Bags, Juice Carafes, Condiment Container, Drink Stir Sticks,  Pink and Gold DecorationsDiamond Ring Napkin Holders,  Dessert Napkins 

Pink Floral Maxi Dress

Tia Wong - Pink Floral Maxi Dress

Pink floral maxi dress

Pink Floral Maxi Dress: OASAP / Gold Pointed Toe Pumps: Jimmy ChooCole Haan

I’ll be honest when I first pulled this pink floral maxi dress out of the package I was a little disappointed that it was so sheer at the bottom.  I also didn’t plan on wearing the gold belt but when I put on the dress the cut is super wide so I was disappointed again. After adding the belt and pairing this dress with my gold pointed toe pumps to match the gold belt I wasn’t so mad at the look after all. Once I got past my initial thoughts on the dress I actually liked the way it looked on and wore it out.  You could also pair this dress with a more casual belt and pair it with sandals for a day time look.

Makeup Brush Cleaning Essentials

Makeup brush cleaning essentials

Brush Cleaning Glove: Sigma, Makeup Brush Drying Rack: Amazon

The Sigma spa brush cleaning glove is a life saver when you have so many makeup brushes to clean!  Also once you have all your brushes clean you don’t want to let them dry laying down because it weakens the glue on top and that’s how the brush tips come off after a while. I found this drying rack on Amazon so you can dry your brushes facing downward to help preserve your brushes and it’s another one of my must have items for when you clean your brushes.

Nike ‘Air Max Thea Joli’

Cut out sneakers

Nike Air Max Thea Joli sneakers

Air Max Thea Joli

Nike Sneakers

Nike Air Max Thea Joli

Nike ‘Air Max Thea Joli’ Sneaker: Light BoneWhiteNavy

Kerastase Resistance

Kerastase Resistance

I’m always a bit hesitant to try new shampoo and conditioners since I’m overly protective of my hair. When I received these products and saw the sticker that says to use the conditioner before shampoo I was of course intrigued and wondered what it was all about. After a weak of using this super creamy shampoo and conditioner my hair does feel softer than usual when I get out of the shower. I’m going to keep using it for the month and see if it continues to have a positive reaction to my hair, but so far I’m loving it!

Weekly Eleventh Avenue Picks

Here are my current Eleventh Avenue picks:
Layered Sweater

Layered Sweater $26.99

Monogram Ring Dishes

Monogram Ring Dishes $7.99 (They have a variety of designs)

Floral Hoodie

Floral Hoodie $26.99

Luxury Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer

Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer $14.99

Lariat Necklace

Lariat Necklace $2.49

Chiffon Drape Tunic Dress

Tia Wong

Topshop Dress

Drape Front Tunic Dress


Sunday Best

Chiffon Drape Tunic Dress: TopshopTopshop / Nude Sandals: NordstromGo JaneMadden Girl / Gold Chain Link Necklace: J. Crew (No longer sold)

For today’s church outfit I wore this adorable chiffon drape tunic dress from Topshop and got so many compliments on it. I paired this flowly dress with simple nude ankle strap heels and gold chain link necklace. Nordstrom has this same dress in a large variety of colors, so hurry and get yours today!

Fall Wedding Guest Dresses

Fall Wedding Guest Dresses

Shop these dresses:

After a ton of emails and Facebook messages from friend’s asking me to help them find a dress for a Fall wedding I decided it was time to make a guide. Of course finding the perfect dress to wear to a Fall wedding all depends on the venue and the feel of the wedding, but hopefully this guide helps you find the perfect dress or at least gives you some inspiration.  When I attend Fall weddings I like to go for rich dark colors or a vibrant print. I personally would wear any one of the above dresses and love how some are so simple and clean while others are show stoppers like the gorgeous sequins and beaded dresses.

Leopard Print Shift Dress

Tia Wong

Church outfit


Tia Wong

Sunday Best

Dress: Gap / Alternate Printed Shift Dress: Target / Burgundy Pumps: Steve Madden / Similar Burgundy Pumps: Jessica Simpson / Lipstick Lime Crime (Salem)

After a crazy week of work I didn’t get any blogging done so I’m finally getting around to posting today’s church outfit. I went to the BYU football game last night and got home super late and still had to prepare my sharetime, so this morning I had no energy or desire to get ready. I threw on this super comfortable leopard print shift dress from Gap and paired it with Burgundy pumps and put on my favorite limecrime lipstick and was off to church.


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