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Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender
Beauty Blender: Sponge, Sponge Duo with Soap, Blotterazi, Keep.It.Clean

I cannot begin to tell you have excited I was when I received this complimentary box from Beauty Blender and Influenster.  Beauty Blender has some of my favorite and must have products. The moment I was introduced to a beauty blender sponge, it was my absolute must have tool.  Occasionally I’ll still use a foundation brush to spread the foundation across my face, but I have to use my beauty blender sponge to get that perfect finish.

The Keep.It.Clean is a new product that I had never seen but was so excited to try.  It’s a flexible silicone cleansing pad that you can use as a sturdy cleansing surface.  I usually just use my hand to wash my sponges but sometimes the stains can be hard to get out. Now you can easily remove stubborn stains with this material designed to clean, but not tear, your blenders.

I’ve linked all of the items above as well as another Beauty Blender product that I love which isn’t included in the picture.  The Blotterazi is a game changer! The Blotterazi is a washable and reusable alternative to blotting papers.  It’s the same material as the sponge but thinner shaped to fit all contours of the face.  I personally have extremely oily skin, so the blotterazi is something that I use constantly.

Daniel Wellington Fresh Start Campaign

Daniel Wellington Fresh Start Campaign

Classic Petite 32MM Melrose Rose Gold: c/o Daniel Wellington
Use Promo Code: TWONG15 for 15% of your order.

What better way to celebrate Spring than with a new Daniel Wellington watch! In honor of Spring, Daniel Wellington Fresh Start Campaign starts tomorrow April 4th – April 23rd where you will receive a free strap (mesh straps excluded) with the purchase of any watch.  This is such an amazing promotion because it’s like buying two watches for the price of one! I chose the 32MM Melrose Rose Gold watch and was gifted the white leather band.  Both of these colors are perfect for Spring and versatile.  I typically don’t favor rose gold, but this watch is so stunning. Daniel Wellington offers such classic and chic watches that are perfect for any occasion.  In the past I loved chunky, oversized watches but after Daniel Wellington, I’m all about the sleek and petite watches. 

Starting Fresh

Tia Wong - Long Asian Hair

I did a poll on Instagram and asked if I should cut my hair short or keep it long.  At first it was split almost down the middle but by the end of the poll everyone said I should keep my hair long.  You can see how long my hair was in the before picture.  I typically get my hair cut to my mid back every year in December and by the next year it’s grown back to my butt.  Last year I let it grow a little longer than planned due to working so much and not being able to get to the salon.  I finally got an appointment with my girl Lisa, and she worked her magic.

Tia Wong - Asian Highlights

When you see the after photo, it probably doesn’t look like I cut much off, but next to the before picture you can see how much we cut off.  My hair was actually still very healthy at the bottom, but I was just so tired of always sitting on my hair so it was time to start fresh for the New Year.  I love the end results of the color as well.  I wanted to go more brown versus going lighter, and I’m obsessed with my new hair!

Wedding Chalk Art Signs


Wedding Chalk Art Signs - Polaroid Station

Erschwinglichen Trending Fotografie Kulissen Hintergründe Backdrops

Wedding Chalk Art Signs - Please leave your advice and well wishes for the mr and mrs

Wedding Chalk Art Signs - Program

Wedding Chalk Art Signs - Love is sweet enjoy a treat

"hintergrund hochzeit//hintergrund hochzeit blumen//fotowand hintergrund hochzeit//fotowand hintergrund hochzeit personalisiert//hintergrund hochzeitstisch "

One of the highlights of my sister’s wedding reception was all of the amazing chalk art signs. All of the chalk art signs that we had made were done by our amazing cousin Trisha.  She is so amazing and knocked out all of these so fast for us.  When we decided that we wanted to have chalk art for the reception all we did was give her the verbiage and she decorated them as she saw fit and they all turned out stunning.  Everyone who came to the Los Angeles and the Denver reception all commented on how beautiful these signs were.  She’s been working a ton and doing beautiful chalk art for tons of events and restaurants in Los Angeles and I’m so proud of her!

The real photographs from the photographer haven’t come in, so these images are ones that were sent to us as they were completed or ones that I snapped quickly.  These pictures don’t do these signs justice, so once the real ones come in I’ll be doing a blog post about the wedding and you can see them when they were all set up.

If you’re looking for someone to do your chalk art for your wedding, event or just for home decor, make sure you hit up my amazing cousin!

Website: Type by Trisha

Instagram: @typebytrish

The Perfect Weekender Bag

I’ve been traveling a lot for work and also making a point to take quick weekend get aways. Sometimes I’m only away for a couple of days at a time and I hate packing a full carry on suitcase, so I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect weekender bag.  I tried a few out and also just found a few online so I decided to link a  few of my favorites incase anyone else is on the hunt!


The Catalina Deluxe Large: Lo and Sons

I just recently bought this bag and I’m a huge fan! At first I think it was going to be too big, but it’s amazing.  A few of my favorite features are the bottom compartment and how the bag slides over a rolling suitcase handle.  The bottom part zips open and perfectly stores two pairs of shoes so you don’t have to worry about stuffing them in with your clothes.  On the back side of the bag is a slot that unzips so it can sit safely on your suitcase without falling off which was a huge selling point for me.

The Columbus Holdall: MAHI

I came across this killer bag on Instagram and immediately fell in love! This classic duffel bag is the perfect size weekender.  I love the timeless look and feel of this vintage cognac suede material and also love the multiple smaller pockets for accessories.  This bag has a khaki cotton lining and also comes with a detachable and extendable shoulder strap with padding which is perfect if you’re carrying a heavy load.  This bag would be the perfect weekend to stuff with a few outfits and toiletries and be out the door.

Watson lane large lyla: Kate Spade

If you’re looking for a chic black weekender, Kate Spade has you covered! This jersey nylon weekender is perfect for traveling and also durable.  I’ve owned this bag for a few years and for long work trips I usually pack this as my carryon.  I love the nylon material, especially when I traveled to NY and it was snowing, there was no water damage and it was easily to clean off.  This also comes with a shoulder strap

Women’s Weekender: Merona

If you’re looking for an affordable weekender bag, Merona has the perfect one. This bag comes in a variety of colors and different prints at Target. This weekender bag is made of cotton and has interior pockets for your phone and one for other accessories.  This bag sits upright and makes packing much easier. This bag is a smaller than the rest that I’ve posted about, but still gets the job done!

Mobovida Bristol Belt Bag

Mobovida Bristol Belt Bag

Mobovida Bristol Belt Bag

Mobovida Bristol Belt Bags

Mobovida Bristol Belt Bag

Sign up now for exclusive discounts and a chance to win a FREE Bag: Mobovida

Happy Monday guys! I’m so excited to blog about this Mobovida Bristol Belt Bag! Yes, the fanny pack is back! But let’s be honest, this Mobovida Bristol belt bag is a much more chic version of the fanny packs that our parents used to rock.  I’m always a fan when function meets fashion and this is exactly what has happened here. Not only does this function as a belt bag or fanny pack, but it also comes with a shoulder chain.

When I’m on set I love to wear leggings so I’m comfortable and able to run around.  The only down side to that, is that I don’t have pockets to hold anything.  For the last year or so I’ve been using my running belt as my set fanny pack to hold my phone, keys and necessary papers.  If you know what a running pack is, its very thin material that stretches to fit a lot, but it also looks bulky and kind of funny.  This fanny pack is perfect for set! It has multiple slots for cards, key fob ring, lined cell phone pocket, privacy pocket for cash, portable battery bank and a headphone cable slot.  My favorite thing about this bag is that I can take this chic bag from fanny pack style during the day on set, to a cross body bag for a completely different look for going out that night.

Want to help the Bristol Belt Bag become a reality? Mobovida is launching a Kickstart campaign, so sign up now for exclusive discounts and a chance to win a free belt bag! 

Oily Skin Must Try Beauty Products

Oily Skin Must Try Beauty Products

Urban Decay Oil Control Setting Spray / Pixi Glow Tonic / Hello Fab Primer

You guys I have found three items that worked so well for my oily skin that I had to do a post. All three of the above items are oily skin must try beauty products.  I purchased all three so these were not gifted and I was not paid to write this review.

The first is the Urban Decay De Slick Makeup Setting Spray.  I’ve honestly had this product sitting in my drawer for so long that they’ve changed the product design. Honestly I had been using the Urban Decay all night setting spray and liked it so I never gave this one a try.  After using this product for the past month, I am strictly using this product from now on.  This is amazing for oily skin! I read a bunch of mixed reviews, but when I use the Hello Fab primer paired with this spray, my makeup not only lasted all day but I didn’t have to blot throughout the day.  I purposely tried to go all day not doing any touch ups and I went around nine hours before there was a noticeable shine to my T zone.  This is amazing considering I’m usually using my blotting strips every couple of hours.

The Hello Fab Coconut Skin Smoothie Priming Moisturizer is another game changer for me.  I have typically stayed away from primers and if I do use one, then I use my Tarte primers.  I saw this product at Sephora and blindly tried it.  This was the best blind try I’ve ever had! This primer truly helps my makeup stay on all day and doesn’t streak or make my foundation look cakey at all.

The last product I’ve loved is this Pixi Glow Tonic! This is actually my second bottle after I used my first one up so quickly.  This tonic is an exfoliating toner, which helps to firm skin.  It basically removes dead cells, excess oil and left over makeup that’s stuck in your pores.  I’ve seen so many girls use this product that I decided to give it a try. I’ve noticed such a difference over a month and absolutely love this product.


Get yours here

I’m so excited to share with you guys this amazing new product called Juvalips! In the first picture with the box, these are my natural lips.  I actually love my natural lips but was excited to try Juvalips! Nowadays everyone wants fuller lips and this is the perfect solution.  I’ve seen other products but to be honest they look a little scary and I have seen the horror pictures.

Juvalips takes all the thinking out of the process and is a safe way to get plumper lips.  Juvalips goes for 60 seconds at a time. They recommend not using it for more than 2 or 3 of the 60 second timed treatments. All you do is wet your lips or moisturize them. For my first treatment all I did was just apply chapstick before starting.  You place the device over your lips and create a seal then press the power button.  The device will go for 60 seconds and then shut off once it’s done. When you try it for the first time make sure your lips are relax and allow the device to pull your lips.

After the first 60 seconds I noticed my bottom lips was much fuller but didn’t notice much difference on my top lip so I did a second round and adjusted the device to focus more on my upper lip. After the second treatment my top lip was noticeably fuller. The device did leave a small circle around my lips but after a minute it went away.  I would suggest doing this treatment before you apply your foundation.  This will prevent your foundation from getting all over the mouth piece and you won’t have to worry about smudging your foundation.

L’Oréal Paris Hair Expert Extraordinary Clay Collection

"  Hair Replacement Systems Australia,Toupee Australia and Hairpiece for Men"

L’Oréal Paris Hair Expert Extraordinary Clay Collection: Hair MaskShampooConditioner

I am obsessed with the L’Oréal Paris Hair Expert Extraordinary Clay Collection! I received these items from Influenster to try out, and I cannot say enough good things about them.  I was very skeptical about the clay mask because I’ve tried a ton in the past and never really saw a difference.  The clay mask said that it deeply absorbs oil at the roots, purifies the scalp and leaves your hair fresh and lightweight.  You apply this mask to dry hair before you get into the shower and as soon as I applied the mask I could see it absorbing the oil.  I was not only shocked but very happy! The only turn off of this mask is the smell, but despite the smell it works so good it’s worth over looking.

The shampoo and conditioner are also amazing! My hair is naturally long and also on the oily side. The shampoo and conditioner is perfect for my hair type because it’s made for oily roots and dry ends.  This system purifies oily roots and hydrates dry lengths without weighing your hair down. I’ve used this clay system for almost 3 weeks now and I’ve seriously noticed such a big difference with my hair.  My hair is less oily at the roots and my ends are never dry and frizzy. I would highly suggest this clay system for anyone who has oily roots and dry ends.

Jeffrey Campbell Rain Boots

Jeffrey Campbell Rain Boots

Jeffrey Campbell Rain Boots: ‘Clima’ Chelsea Rain Boot / None Heel Rain Boot: ‘Stormy’ Rain Boot

 We’ve had more rain in the past month than in the past five years! It’s been crazy, but thankfully California is almost out of our drought.  I’ve never had to invest in a pair of rain boots because we normally we barely have any rain in Los Angeles.  This past month I have successfully ruined almost 4 pairs of shoes or sneakers due to the rain.  After ruining one of my favorite pairs of Nikes, I decided I had to give in and buy a pair of rain boots.  I love Hunter boots, but they are just a little to chunky for me.  Also let’s be honest, it isn’t raining that hard in LA that I need those heavy-duty boots.  Instead I opted for these adorable Jeffrey Campbell rain boots! They are sleek and fashionable but also functional.  They were a bit stiff when I first bought them, but as you wear them in, they get better.   I love the design because they don’t look like your typical rain boots.  If you don’t want to go with a heel, they also have this similar design with less of heel which I’ve linked above as well!


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