Brigitte Brianna V-Neck Maxi Dress



Brigitte Brianna V-Neck Maxi Dress: Sexy Modest

Sexy Modest released their Fall collection and one of my favorite pieces is this floral and stripe Brigitte Brianna v-neck maxi dress. I have this exact dress in Mauve so when I saw this adorable print I had to have it.  The dress itself is made of high quality material and is ultra comfortable.  Unlike the rest of their dresses, this one doesn’t have pockets sadly. Despite not having pockets, it’s still one of my favorite dresses from her collection.  The fit and cut of the dress is super flattering!

I’m sure I’m going to get this question a ton on Instagram so I’ll clarify that I’m 5’4 and I’m wearing sandals with this dress.  In flat sandals, the dress does sit on the ground.  When I wear this dress with heels it barely grazes the ground, so hopefully that helps as a reference.

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