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I get tons of comments and emails asking me questions about my makeup. I am no makeup pro or anything close to that but I have tons of friends who are beauty gurus or professional makeup artists so I’ve picked up a thing or two from them over the years. Someone asked me if I could share my favorite foundation brushes which led me to writing this post. I typically use my MAC brushes but for the last few months I finally learned how to properly use a beauty blender and I have to say that it is beyond game changing!

This beauty blender pro makes your foundation go on even and look flawless. When you first get the blender it looks tiny, but once you soak it and ring it out, it grows so much in size. I also love this blender because it’s saving me a ton of product. With my brushes I was using almost double the amount I use with my blender. So although it may seem like a lot of money for a sponge, trust me it’s completely worth every penny! ┬áI also love the smaller blenders which I personally use for under my eyes when applying my concealer, but you can totally use the smaller blenders for contouring and highlighting as well.

If you get these blenders this beauty blender cleanser in soap form is a must! This is honestly the best cleanser I own. My dark foundation stained my blenders and I was a bit upset, until I used this cleanser and it literally took out almost all the stains. This cleanser isn’t just for blenders, it works amazing on brushes as well.

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