Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender
Beauty Blender: Sponge, Sponge Duo with Soap, Blotterazi, Keep.It.Clean

I cannot begin to tell you have excited I was when I received this complimentary box from Beauty Blender and Influenster.  Beauty Blender has some of my favorite and must have products. The moment I was introduced to a beauty blender sponge, it was my absolute must have tool.  Occasionally I’ll still use a foundation brush to spread the foundation across my face, but I have to use my beauty blender sponge to get that perfect finish.

The Keep.It.Clean is a new product that I had never seen but was so excited to try.  It’s a flexible silicone cleansing pad that you can use as a sturdy cleansing surface.  I usually just use my hand to wash my sponges but sometimes the stains can be hard to get out. Now you can easily remove stubborn stains with this material designed to clean, but not tear, your blenders.

I’ve linked all of the items above as well as another Beauty Blender product that I love which isn’t included in the picture.  The Blotterazi is a game changer! The Blotterazi is a washable and reusable alternative to blotting papers.  It’s the same material as the sponge but thinner shaped to fit all contours of the face.  I personally have extremely oily skin, so the blotterazi is something that I use constantly.

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